Calling all (COVID-19) storytellers!

Be a part of the #MetisVacciNation!


Your story could make a real difference in the lives of Métis families. After many challenging months, we are asking MNO citizens and leadership to share their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically, their reasons for getting vaccinated.

Your participation in this campaign will help spread the life-saving message that vaccines work!

Participants who share their stories will be eligible for special prizes, including a free MNO #MetisVacciNation care kit. Included in the kit are MNO branded power-chargers, band-aids, buttons, and more! In appreciation for participating you may be eligible for a $250 gift card!

To be eligible for a prize submit your story here:

MNO citizens are encouraged to share their reasons for being a part of the #MetisVacciNation on their social media by using the hashtag. Please message to be eligible for the free care kit and prizes.

Click here for a MetisVacciNation Campaign PDF



Writer’s block? Consider one of these questions:

Why did you make the choice to be vaccinated?

Have you changed your mind on receiving the vaccine?

What are you looking forward to returning to most after the pandemic?