Every year the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) and Métis everywhere celebrate Powley Day on September 19.

On that day in 2003 — for the first time — the courts recognized and affirmed the existence of the Métis right to harvest for food protected by Section 35 of the Constitution Act.

The Powley Case set the stage for so many achievements for Métis people, not just in Ontario but across the Métis Nation homeland, including the ground-breaking Métis Self-Government Agreements signed in 2019 by the MNO, the Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation–Saskatchewan and more recently by the Manitoba Métis Federation.

We owe a great deal to Steve, his son Roddy, and the entire Powley family for the strength they showed during that long legal battle.

So, this year as the MNO hosts its 28th Annual General Assembly we will pay tribute to the Powley family and their incredible victory that helped open the path forward toward full Métis self-government.

We are calling on MNO citizens and communities to celebrate Powley Day by submitting a brief tribute videos to be shared at this year’s AGA.

You can reflect on what Powley Day means to you, talk about the ways you intend to honour the Powley family — or just say thanks.

Together, let’s show our appreciation for the monumental efforts of all involved in this collective, historic victory.

Please submit your videos here.