Today is National Tree Day! – a day for Canadians to come together in appreciation and support for the environment.

Here at the Métis Nation of Ontario, we acknowledge our shared responsibility to respect and protect the land and waters for future generations.­­ 

Want to participate in National Tree Day?

Your actions can be small or large! It could be you plant a tree in your backyard, or maybe you want to donate a bit of money towards reforestation efforts, or it could simply be to learn more about the trees that make Canada so special.

Let’s start off with some education on trees! 

Did you know that trees are essential for our environment and well-being? They absorb carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, and improve air quality. Plus, they offer habitat for wildlife and support biodiversity.

Here are some more tree-tastic facts to share:

  1. A single mature tree can absorb around 48 pounds of CO2 per year.
  2. Trees can reduce urban temperatures by providing shade and releasing water vapor through a process called transpiration.
  3. Forests cover about 31% of Canada’s land area, playing a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance.

Want to donate and get involved? 

Here are a few reputable organizations and platforms to learn more:

  1. One Tree Planted: This organization focuses on reforestation projects around the world. You can donate directly to support their tree planting initiatives.


  1. Arbor Day Foundation: They have various programs for tree planting, conservation, and education. You can make a donation to help their efforts.


  1. World Wildlife Fund (WWF): WWF supports a variety of conservation projects, including reforestation efforts. Your donations can make a significant impact.


  1. Local Environmental NGOs: Check for local organizations in your area that focus on conservation and reforestation. They often have specific initiatives and events you can participate in or support.

Remember to do your own research before donating to ensure the credibility of the organization and the transparency of their activities. Every contribution counts towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Lastly, the MNO is wishing you a Happy National Tree Day! Thank you for your efforts in making a greener and greater homeland. For more information on Lands, Resources & Consultations programming, please visit: Métis Nation of Ontario | Lands, Resources & Consultations | Overview (