February 17, 2010 — We need your assistance to ensure the Métis voice is heard in regards to the following section of the Child and Family Services Act. The Ministry of Child and Youth has funded the Metis Nation of Ontario to do community consultations in respect to the Child and Family Services Act review through call for proposal. The Section 226 of the act states:

“Every review of the Act shall include a review of provisions imposing obligations on Children’s Aid Societies when providing services to a person who is an Indian or native person or in respect of children who are Indian of native persons, with a view to ensuring compliance by societies with those provisions.”

The Metis Nation of Ontario will be preparing a report that will reflect recommendations to the Minister in respect to this statement. Your input is extremely important to us at this point. Due to the short notice of successful application for funding, this survey would need to be completed no later then Sunday, February 21st in order to express your input to be considered. If you are not completing this survey on line, you will need to send it to moniquer@metisnation.org in order for your input to be considered in our final report to the Minister, as we have a very short timeline.

Please click the link below which will direct you to the online survey. Thank you for taking a moment of your time to complete this survey. If you can not access the online format then please print out the attached copy and send it to Monique Raymond by fax at 613-722-1448 or you can go to any of the MNO offices which have a computer lab and ask to do the survey online there.

Complete the survey online or download the survey and return to address below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Monique Raymond

Fax: 613-722-1448