Submitted by Hank Rowlinson, MNO Manager of Community Relations

Sudbury Christmas dinner
Children at the Sudbury Métis Council
Christmas dinner.

On December 6, 2014, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Sudbury Métis Council (SMC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) was attended by over 230 citizens. In attendance was the following PCMNO members: France Picotte, Chair; Sharon McBride, Vice-Chair; Juliette Denis, Region 5 Councillor; and, Ernie Gatien, Region 4 Councillor. Doug Wilson, MNO Chief Operating Officer (COO), was also in attendance.

Participants were greeted by PCMNO members and MNO COO Wilson provided an update on the MNO to the assembly.

One of the most anticipated activities at the AGM was the arrival of Santa Claus! The MNO SMC had over 65 children in attendance. The children waited very patiently to meet Santa and each received a special gift, which was provided by the MNO SMC.