WSMNO hold general meeting

Metis women group
Members of the Women’s Secretariat and MNO staff at the WSMNO general meeting (left to right)
Back row: Pearl Gabona, Marsha Depotier, Bridget Brown, Susan Van der Rassel, Joanne Hamelin,
Marilyn Hew, Kim Powley;
Front row: Jennifer Barr, Karen Derocher, Lisa Pigeau, Vice-Chair Sharon
McBride, Barbaranne
Wright, Kelly Camacho, and Claire Kearns

On March 28, the Women’s Secretariat of the Métis Nation of Ontario (WSMNO) held a general meeting in Toronto to discuss the roles and responsibility of the Women’s Representatives within Community Council.

During the meeting, the group discussed the MNO Policy document on violence against Métis women, prioritized action items and created a one year plan.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity at the tail end of our training to seek input from the women to plan our direction in the coming year,” said MNO Vice-Chair Sharon McBride. “Being part of program input provides us with a renewed sense of pride as our role as Métis women in our communities.”

The WSMNO is comprised of Métis women from Ontario who are committed to promoting women’s issues and advocating on their behalf within the MNO community. The WSMNO also advises the PCMNO on matters pertaining to women and works with community councils, Aboriginal boards, government bodies and women’s groups to assist Métis people with issues of concern specific to women. This work includes policy development and review, coordination, consultation and education. The main goal of the WSMNO is to encourage the full participation of all women within the MNO in helping to build a strong and healthy nation.