Métis entertainers at Credit River Métis Council Louis Riel Day

 Toronto flag raising ceremony

Raising Métis flag in Guelph

Chartered MNO community councils also organized Louis Riel events in their communities.

In Sudbury, Louis Riel Day events drew around 120 people from all ages and backgrounds. Students from the French and English school boards both participated as did pre-school age children and adults. The Métis flag was raised and workshops were held on Métis music, the sash and culture. “We prayed for our next generation,” said MNO Sudbury Métis Council Chair Rick Meilleur, “to learn about their culture and continue to spread the Métis way.”

The MNO Grand River Métis Council held a Métis flag raising ceremony at Guelph City Hall and during the ceremony presented a sash to the Mayor of Guelph. The ceremony also included Métis fiddler Rajan Dornan-Anderson, who was accompanied by his mother Dr. Kim Anderson.

The MNO Credit River Métis Council held a Louis Riel Day celebration with the participation of MNO Chair France Picotte and MNO Vice-chair Sharon McBride. The event included Métis fiddling and jigging, finger-weaving, a delicious feast and MNO displays.

Louis Riel Day events sponsored by the MNO Sunset Country Métis Council in Fort Francis included jigging and spooning workshops and demonstrations.

Flag raising ceremonies held at Guelph City Hall by the MNO Grand River Métis Council included the presentation of a sash to the Mayor of Guelph and a performance by Métis fiddler Rajan Dornan-Anderson, accompanied by his mother Dr. Kim Anderson.

The MNO Niagara Region Métis Council held flag raising ceremonies at both the St. Catherine’s and Welland City Halls and presented sashes to the Mayors of each city.

The MNO Peterborough Wapiti Métis Council held a flag raising ceremony at the Peterborough City Hall to recognize Riel Day.

Toronto Councillor Mike Layton, the son of former NDP Leader Jack Layton, represented the City of Toronto at a Flag raising ceremony at Toronto City Hall. He presented MNO Chair France Picotte with the official City of Toronto proclamation declaring November 16 Louis Riel Day.

The MNO Ottawa Region Métis Council partnered with the Ottawa Police Service to hold a Métis flag raising ceremony at Ottawa Police Headquarters. The ceremony included a Métis jigging presentations and a celebratory cake.