Submitted by: The Le Saux / Reid Family

Leah Reid
Leah Reid.

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizen Leah Reid has successfully obtained her Bachelor of Education through York University and is now qualified to teach in Ontario, which was her longtime dream. She also plans on pursuing a master’s degree in education.

Reid credits the MNO for some of her success because the MNO provided her with financial assistance and moral support in attaining her first post-secondary certification which was a diploma in massage therapy. The money she subsequently earned as a Registered Massage Therapist helped her pay for further education where she obtained a Bachelor of Health Sciences and most recently, her Bachelor of Education.

The Reid family thanks the MNO for providing Métis youth with the chance and opportunity to achieve their dreams and succeed. They encourage every Métis youth to look into the programs offered by the MNO to help in their education journeys.