To: All MNO Citizens

From: Doug Wilson, MNO Chief Operating Officer

Date: September 5, 2012

Subject: Consultation on MNO Electoral Code

I am writing to provide MNO citizens information on a consultation process that has been initiated on the 2012 MNO Elections generally and the MNO Electoral Code specifically.

At the recently held 2012 MNO AGA, the MNO’s Chief Electoral Officer presented his Elections Report. This report included an overview of the 2012 MNO elections process as well as a series of recommendations for the MNO to consider in relation to future elections.

The 2012 MNO AGA passed a resolution (Click here to view resolution) which sets out a multi-year process to consult MNO citizens on the Chief Electoral Officer’s report, the 2012 MNO elections and the current MNO Electoral Code.

Specifically, the MNO AGA established an independent Committee consisting of Joanne Young (Hamilton/Wentworth Métis Council), Janine Landry (MNO Youth Council) and Senator Verna Porter. This Committee will be supported by the MNO’s Legal Counsel (Jean Teillet) and myself, as the MNO’s Chief Operating Officer.

Over the next 8 months, MNO citizens are encouraged to provide their comments, input and suggestions to the Committee about the Chief Electoral Officer’s report, the 2012 election, the MNO Electoral Code, etc. Comments can be sent via email to mnoelection@metisnation.org or please feel free to contact members of the Committee directly. All comments received prior to April 30, 2013 will be considered by the Committee when they meet in May 2013.

Based on the comments received, the Committee, with the support of MNO’s Legal Counsel and Chief Operating Officer, will prepare a report as well as propose changes to the MNO Electoral Code. These documents will be tabled with the 2013 MNO AGA and circulated to all MNO citizens for feedback.

From September 2013 to April 2014 (8 months), the Committee will receive input and feedback from MNO citizens to the proposed changes to the MNO Electoral Code. Based on these consultations, the Committee will prepare a Special Business Resolution for the consideration of the 2014 MNO AGA that proposes changes to the MNO Electoral Code. The 2014 MNO AGA will then consider and vote on these proposed changes.

If these changes are adopted, the revised MNO Electoral Code will then be circulated to all MNO citizens. After the 2014 MNO AGA, no additional changes to the MNO Electoral Code will be considered or made prior to the 2016 MNO Election.

The chart below sets out the timeline and deadlines for these consultations:consultation_table

If you have questions about the process please feel free to contact me or any member of the Committee.