Submitted by MNO Credit River Métis Council President Karen Derocher

DotArtPainting sml
Grade 3 students from Guardian Angel Catholic
Elementary School, in Brampton, participated in a MNO
dot art painting workshop on Feb. 27. Click here for a
larger version of the picture.

About 50 Grade 3 students from Guardian Angel Catholic Elementary School learned all about dot art painting, hunting and trapping at a Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Credit River Métis Council (CRMC) workshop on Feb. 27, in Brampton.

Facilitated by MNO CRMC Treasurer Darlene Lent, the workshop gave students a chance to express their artistic talents and experience dot art painting, which replicates traditional Métis beading patterns.

The student-made paintings will be framed and given as Mother’s Day gifts.

While preparing for this workshop, Lent had a chance to engage her mother, MNO citizen Bertha Tolles, in the process of dot art painting. They spent an evening painting and concluded that this activity would appeal to people of all ages.

“We decided it should be shared with not only the young, but those of all ages, promoting Métis traditions and culture, engaging all in our community,” Lent said.

When the dot art was finished, students heard a presentation on hunting and trapping from a Métis perspective. The students were extremely receptive, and asked a lot of questions. They were also given the chance to touch different furs and at the end, students showed an understanding of hunting and trapping as being an integral part of the Métis way of life.

Posted: March 26, 2018