Today, the Métis Nation of Ontario (“MNO”) applauded the Government of Ontario’s directive to designate NextBridge Infrastructure (“NextBridge”) with an exclusive right to proceed with the construction of the East-West Tie Transmission Line Project (the “EWT Project”) along the north shore of Lake Superior.

This decision resolves whether Hydro One’s eleventh-hour attempt to secure designation would be allowed to proceed. These actions created uncertainty in a regulatory process that was initiated in 2009 and would have negatively affected Ontario taxpayers, First Nations and the MNO, if allowed to continue.

The Government of Ontario’s decision will allow this important piece of transmission to proceed in a timely and cost effective manner. The decision also respects the years of work Nextbridge has undertaken in establishing strong relationships and agreements with proximate First Nations and Métis communities, including a fair and equitable model of economic participation of all proximate Indigenous communities.

“NextBridge is the right company to complete the project given that it has already finished preliminary work necessary to complete the project, including its dedication to gaining the support of the MNO and First Nations,” said Cam Burgess, MNO Regional Councilor for the north of Lake Superior region.

Ernie Gatien, MNO Regional Councilor for the Sault Ste. Marie region added, “The MNO has advocated for NextBridge and the EWT Project at the Ontario Energy Board and by writing to the Government of Ontario. We applaud the Government of Ontario for listening and taking into account the relationship and economic arrangements between NextBridge and local Indigenous communities.”

MNO President Margaret Froh concluded, “The MNO is thrilled that NextBridge now has the exclusive right to proceed with the EWT Project. The MNO looks forward to continuing to support the project and following through with our agreement with NextBridge. This agreement is key to enhancing the growth of Métis businesses, employment, and will allow the MNO to meaningfully participate in this important project.”

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Posted: Feb. 1, 2019