Métis Health & Housing Study: Focus Group participants needed!

Tawnshi MNO Citizens! Come share your voice in a virtual focus group examining Métis housing and health conducted by the MNO. This will help us get a fuller picture of MNO citizens’ and the connection between housing and health.

We want to speak to Citizens 18 years and older in a group setting (approximately 10 citizens/group). We’ll be doing two groups for each of our 9 MNO regions. We encourage participation from all Métis citizens, including gender diverse individuals, youth, seniors, women, men and Veterans. We’ll ask for up to two hours of your time. Participants will receive $50 for participating in the study and an additional $5 for completing a follow-up survey about how they felt about the virtual format.

Understanding your thoughts, feelings and experiences in how housing conditions affect your health will help the MNO tailor programs and services to citizen needs and measure the impact over time. It will also contribute to the field of Métis-specific health research.

If you’re interested in participating in this research study, please complete the following screening survey: 

If you have questions, please contact Research@metisnation.org or 437-317-8860.

*As an update the MNO has reached our recruitment goal. We thank you for your interest in this initiative.*