September 29, 2012 – Métis Nation of Ontario (“MNO”) President Gary Lipinski offered congratulations to the Manitoba Métis Federation (“MMF”) and the Manitoba Government on the signing of a historic harvesting rights agreement over the weekend.

“As the home of the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark Powley decision on Métis harvesting rights, the MNO is pleased to see the legal principles won in that case – on behalf of the the entire Métis Nation – finally be implemented in Manitoba. We are also pleased that the MNO’s existing Métis harvesting agreement with the Ontario Government now has a companion within the Métis Nation,” said President Lipinski.

Lipinski added, “I commend the MMF’s President David Chartrand and Manitoba Métis for reaching this historic agreement. The MNO knows very well how much time and effort goes into reaching these types of agreements. This agreement is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Manitoba Métis community and their elected leadership.”

Similar to the MNO’s harvesting agreement, the MMF-Manitoba agreement relies on Métis-developed laws for the conduct of the Métis harvesting as well as a Métis controlled identification system for Métis harvesters. The agreement also sets out a process for the future collaborative research and expansion of the area where Métis harvesting rights are now recognized in Manitoba. For more information about the MMF-Manitoba agreement see:

“This agreement demonstrates that the time has finally come for governments to respect Métis rights and deal with the democratically elected governments of the Métis people. It also demonstrates that real progress and results can be achieved when forward-thinking governments work together,” concluded Lipinski.

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