helen-bradley-smallThe recipients of the 2017 Helen Bradley Bursaries with citizens from the MNO
Georgian Bay Métis Council. Sitting (left to right) Leesha Dorion-Leblanc,
Samantha Larmand, Celeste Patenaude and Heather Garratt. Standing (left to
right); Trish Paradis, Bernice Paradis; Vicky Dorion; Lorraine Mountney, Cathy
Larmand, Francine Patenaude; MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council Chair Larry
Ferris, Dalton Latondress, PCMNO Region 7 Councilor Pauline Richardson.
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Submitted by: PCMNO Region 7 Councilor Pauline Richardson

On Tuesday, December 21, 2017, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Georgian Bay Métis Council awarded three annual Helen Bradley Memorial Bursaries to outstanding Métis youth. The presentation of the awards took place at the MNO Midland office.

The council selected the three recipients by evaluating essays that applicants submitted on “What it means to be Métis.” To qualify the students also had to have attended at least one MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council event in the spring or summer of 2017.

The bursaries each come with a cash award. First prize is $1500.00; second prize is $1000; and third prize is $500. The winners of the 2017 Helen Bradley Memorial Bursaries were:

First place: Leesha Dorion-Leblanc
Second place: Celeste Patenaude
Third place: Samantha Larmante

The bursaries are named after Senator Helen Bradley who passed away in 2010. She was a founding member of the MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council and deeply respected within the MNO. She was a recipient of the 2008 Ontario Medal of Good Citizenship, an honour recognizing individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their communities.

The MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council would like to congratulate these students and wish them well in their future endeavours. The Council would also like to thank Bruce Power for providing the funds for this wonderful bursary and Danielle Callander for doing an excellent job organizing the presentation.

Posted: Janaury 22, 2017