Elliot Lake Wins Kraft Hockeyville

GOAL ACHIEVED! A massive THANK YOU to all for your unwavering support and votes. Thanks to you, Elliot Lake has scored a $250,000 arena upgrade and the incredible opportunity to host an NHL preseason game! This victory shows the spirit and unity of our community. Together, we helped revitalize the beloved Centennial Arena!

Huge congratulations to everyone who rallied behind Elliot Lake and turned this dream into reality! Let’s raise our sticks high to celebrate this monumental achievement and gear up for an unforgettable hockey season ahead. See you on the ice! More about Elliot Lake’s big win here.

Hometown Hope: Elliot Lake’s Quest for Kraft Hockeyville 2024

Make the arena a reality! Cast your votes March 29th and 30th

Nestled within Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Region 4, lies Elliot Lake, a small but vibrant community where hockey reigns supreme. For generations, the local arena has been a gathering place, echoing with the cheers of fans and the scrape of skates on ice. But lately, the once-thriving hub has fallen silent, its doors shuttered due to failing support structures.

Roly Blanchette, President of the MNO North Channel Métis Council, knows the importance of this arena to the community. “Our kids have not had an arena since last fall,” he laments, highlighting the impact on local youth and families.

Yet amidst the challenge, there is hope—a chance to revive the arena through Kraft Hockeyville.

With Elliot Lake chosen as one of the final four communities in Canada (and the lone representative from Ontario), excitement fills the air. A $250,000 arena upgrade and the opportunity to host an NHL preseason game hang in the balance. But they need support, and they need it fast.

To meet this goal and make the arena a reality, Blanchette is calling on all MNO citizens. On March 29th and 30th, a 32-hour window opens—a critical moment to secure votes and propel Elliot Lake to clinch the title of Kraft Hockeyville 2024.

“For Elliot Lake, this isn’t just about winning a competition—it’s about preserving a cherished tradition and giving their children a place to dream and thrive,” says Roly Blanchette.

As the buzz around Elliot Lake’s quest for Kraft Hockeyville 2024 increases, Métis youth have also begun to voice their thoughts on the matter. Tenley Blanchette, a passionate and award-winning youth skater, would no longer need to commute to other communities to attend practice with her peers. A local arena would also reduce highway travel and mitigate expenses for families.

“Receiving support from our Métis community would be great,” she comments. “And would go a long way towards reaching our goal of being first for Hockeyville 2024!”

Check out the Elliot Lake rally page to learn more:


We’ll keep you informed about when the voting opens. Stay tuned to MNO’s social media channels for updates