Hybrid PCMNO Meeting Held in Ottawa
March 30-31 & April 20, 2023

On March 30-31, a hybrid meeting of the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) was held in downtown Ottawa with elected MNO leadership, staff and citizens attending the session both virtually and in-person. PCMNO were provided updates from staff on key files including investments made in affordable housing; Self-Government and Engagement Plans; United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Engagement and Action Plans; in addition to updates on national matters and intergovernmental relations.

On April 20, the PCMNO held an in-camera meeting with legal counsel for the purpose of reviewing two key topics: updates from MNO legal consultants on the long-awaited Federal Recognition Legislation; and the post-plebiscite Special Assembly to be held June 2023.

March 30-31, 2023

President’s Update
MNO President Froh

In her opening remarks, the President referred to breaking news from the Vatican and the recent rejection of the Doctrine of Discovery, a policy used to justify colonialism at great cost to Indigenous Peoples. President Froh also referenced the recent gathering of Survivors from the Île-à-la-Crosse Residential School which took place mid-March in Saskatchewan and the importance of listening to these stories.

The President’s Update then acknowledged the great deal of work taking place both within the MNO and at a national level. Highlights from her update included:

Progress at the Federal level:

      • Signing of Métis Government Recognition Self-government Implementation Agreement (MGRSIA)
      • Self-government agreements mentioned in federal budget, investments that reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to negotiating a Self-government Treaty with MNO
      • Signing of an MOU and Health Accord committed to under the Canada-Métis Nation Accord
      • Federal Recognition Legislation, promised in June 2019, and reiterated in the MGRSIA, expected to be introduced to Parliament this spring.
      • Meeting with Senators, Members of Parliaments, and Cabinet to discuss Métis self-government and legislation; including
        • connecting with 90+ MPs, Senators, cabinet officers and other leadership
        • sharing a joint agenda with Métis Nations of Alberta and Saskatchewan to raise awareness, garner support, and advance legislation.

Métis National Matters Updates

      • First ever Métis National Council (MNC) vs Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) hockey game competing for the Tea and Bannock Cup was held in Ottawa; MNO players included Bryce Johnson, Sadie Humphries, Hannah Lemelin.
      • MNC to send delegates to attend UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues;
        • This year’s theme is a rights based approach for Indigenous peoples, human health, planetary and territorial health and climate change
      • MNC Governing Members will be attending a Justice Forum in Calgary to move forward nationally on Justice files and Métis self-determination.

Province-wide Plebiscite Results

      • Historic voter turnout with more than 8270 MNO citizens (or 30% of all MNO citizens) casting a ballot
        • 71% of citizens voted in favour of removing incomplete files and that MNO verify all citizens are verified rights-holders;
        • A special General Assembly to be called June 17 to vote to amend bylaws and registry policy

Housing and Infrastructure Update
Joanne Meyer, COO, Cindi Rye, Director of Housing and Infrastructure and Amy Mersereau, Manager of Housing Initiatives

Building on the commitments made in the 2019 Canada-Métis Nation Housing Sub Accord and with insights taken from the 2021 MNO Housing Needs Assessment and MNO Housing Capital Investment Strategy, the MNO continues to develop its housing strategy and address the shortage of affordable housing for vulnerable MNO citizens. The MNO is committed to increasing homeownership opportunities for citizens and has received specific funding to realize this goal.

The Strategy includes a $15 million investment in real property in four specific communities across Ontario that have been identified as having the most urgent housing needs for MNO citizens. Drawing from the Housing Needs Assessment, PCMNO approved the purchase of land in Kenora and Midland, as well as land and pre-purchased housing units in Sault Ste Marie, and in York area of the GTA.

Midland Update

Data from the MNO Housing Needs Assessment identified a strong need for housing investments in Region 7, which possesses the highest population of MNO citizens (~5000), nearly half of whom report low to moderate household incomes.

      • In November, the PCMNO approved the purchase and acquisition of real estate at 283 Barnett Avenue, Midland, Ontario for $1,470,000 the purpose of creating future affordable housing options for MNO citizens
      • In March, NBLC Real Estate Advisors, presented its Affordable Housing Business Plan to the PCMNO which supports the viability and sustainability of affordable rentals at eighty percent of average market rents
      • 14 single and semi-detached homes will be built
      • Priority will go to seniors or those in a crisis situation.

The MNO will continue ongoing engagement and partnership with the local Midland community to ensure this housing, and any future developments, reflect the needs of that community and local priorities;

It was resolved that the PCMNO:

  1. Authorize the delegated MNO representative to sign the Subdivision Agreement between the MNO and the Town of Midland which will permit the MNO to register the Plan of Subdivision on the land it has purchased and create the 14 building lots on which the MNO can construct affordable housing.
  2. Authorize the Chief Financial Officer to have the MNO Finance Branch prepare a Letter of Credit in the amount of $403,495.70 payable to the Town of Midland as set out in the Subdivision Agreement.
  3. Approve, in principle, the development of at least 14 units on the property at 283 Barnett Avenue, Midland with the ultimate unit mix, design and layout to be determined by community consultation.
  4. Approve, in principle, the rental pricing set forth in the Affordable Housing Business Plan created by NBLC Real Estate Advisors for the property at 284 Barnett Avenue, Midland, with the final pricing being set after further consultation with the community.
  5. Authorize the Housing and Infrastructure Branch to develop and post a request for proposals for the design of the rental residential units.
  6. Authorize the Housing and Infrastructure Branch to apply for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation SEED funding for the Barnett Avenue project and to explore sources of equity/capital to fund the construction of the units.

Finance Update
Secretary-Treasurer Young and Ursula D’Angelo, CFO

The PCMNO Secretary-Treasurer’s report referenced the great deal of workshops undertaken by the Finance and Audit Committee and PCMNO; including financial summaries updates, budget reviews, adjustments travel expenses and rates, and engagement on draft procurement policies. The presentation also included:

3Q and Forecast for Year Ending March 31, 2023

Secretary-Treasurer reviewed a financial summary for the 3rd Quarter and introduced a “Forecast” report for the year ending March 31, 2023 as part of the quarterly reporting process. The new “forecast” reporting policy engages branch directors, budget holders and finance team, and will enable budget holders to report on anticipated expenses for the next three months.

      • Review of Financial Results Summary Report
        • $58.1M in program spending; Funding includes:
          • Federal – Regular – $35.2M
          • Federal – Covid — $1.7M
          • Provincial — $17.7M
          • Other — $3.4M
        • Quarterly Reports must also consider that the MNO Secretariat has over 200 contracts with various federal and provincial ministries; therefore, reports must be provided to both PCMNO and relevant ministries
        • Financial summaries for MNO branches, including briefing note on performance measures and tracking mechanisms for branch objectives
        • New Relationship Fund account details; consulting firm and legal firm spending; complete project list budget v. actuals

2023-2024 Budget

PCMNO also reviewed a high-level overview of the 2023-2024 budget, including a presentation on how the budget is used to manage spending, inform decisions, and determine how resources will be allocated to deliver programs and services. The presentation also highlighted the budget submissions process and operation plans. Other notable updates include:

      • The 2023-24 program budget is $127.7M with funding from federal ($91.8M) provincial ($31.8M) and other ($4.1M) sources
      • Significant revenue and budget changes between 2022-23 and 2023-24 budgets
        • Significant increases include $25.7M in Housing; $5.3M in Self-Government; and $0.6M in enabling functions

Travel Expenses

It was resolved that the PCMNO approves an increase to the MNO rates for travel expenses (mileage and per diems) based on the rate set by the Federal Treasury Board rates, effective April 1, 2023.

Procurement Policy

PCMNO reviewed a draft Procurement policy for the purpose of promoting the most cost effective and efficient use of funds and resources, while considering the acquisition of the goods and services at the optimum quality, quantity, price, delivery and performance. A Procurement policy would also ensure the MNO’s compliance with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act requirements in funding agreements. Other objectives include a policy that prioritizes openness and transparency, objectivity, accountability, and fairness. The presentation on the draft policy also addressed:

  • Authority thresholds and delegation of the appropriate level of authority to enable branches to meet service requirements
  • Ensure that employees responsible for requisitioning and purchasing are accountable for their actions and decisions;
  • Purchasing process for MNO Secretariat and MNO Regions
  • Sole source procurement policy

Self-Government Province Wide Engagement Plan Next Steps
Dr. Brian Tucker, Director of Rights Research and Policy

The Director of Rights, Research and Policy provided the PCMNO with updates on several key self-government objectives, including 1) Update on Regional Implementation Agreements and Workplans; 2) Draft MNO-Wide Self-Government Engagement Plan; 3) Federal Implementation Legislation Agreement; and 4) Next Steps

Update on Regional Implementation Agreements and Workplans

As of March, all MNO Regions have signed Regional Implementation Agreements (RIA). Four Regions (Regions 2,3,5, & 7) have signed RIA Workplans and are in the Transfer Plans process.

Draft MNO-Wide Self-Government Engagement Plan
The MNO-Wide Self Government Engagement Plan has been drafted to educate all MNO citizens on the Self-Government Agreements and inform the drafting of the Constitution. All MNO citizens and communities will be provided key information on the Self-Government Agreements and the Constitution, and be provided opportunities to participate and provide informed consent.

The Engagement Plan consists of five streams:

      1. Understanding Métis Self-Government
      2. Embracing Métis Values and Guiding Principles
      3. Mapping our Future
      4. Drafting our Constitution
      5. Other matters

Next steps

      • Between January – April 2023, the MNO Self-Government team has hosted 11 virtual engagement sessions with MNO Regions and Advisory Councils to share information about the draft Plan and solicit feedback.
      • Following the final engagement session, the draft plan will be brought back to PCMNO for approval.
      • Stream one of the Engagement Plan with citizens is anticipated to begin June

Federal Recognition Legislation

Committed to under the MGRSA, the implementation legislation is a critical step in achieving self-government. To lobby for its support, a 2022 MNO AGA Resolution directed that the MNO, including PCMNO, Community Councils and Advisory bodies, conduct outreach to Federal, Provincial and other relevant MPs to educate leadership on the importance of supporting the implementation legislation.

      • The Federal Recognition Legislation bill is expected to be introduced to Parliament this spring
      • MNO has been working collaboratively with Métis Nation of Alberta and Métis Nation –Saskatchewan to meet with leadership and to ensure support when the legislation is introduced.
      • Communication tools and supports are being developed for citizens and leadership to write to their own MPs. Click here to show your support for self-government and submit your letter!

Governance Compensation Framework
Secretary Treasurer Jo Anne Young

Building on the approved 2020 PCMNO Compensation Framework and enabling methodology, consultants reviewed and updated the compensation regime of the PCMNO and researched compensation paid to similar elected roles in comparable labour markets, to provide directional updates to the PCMNO compensation framework in 2022.

It was determined that up-to-date job descriptions needed to be created and applied for all PCMNO roles, and disclosed accordingly to better inform future candidates, and strengthen elected official accountability practices and commitments to MNO citizens. PCMNO expect to bring results to the 2023 MNO AGA.

UNDRIP Engagement and Action Plan Update
Dr. Brian Tucker, Director of Rights, Research and Policy

In June 2021, Canada passed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (UNDRIP), committing Canada to develop an Action Plan with Indigenous Peoples and achieve UNDRIP’s objectives.

Since then, the MNO has engaged with MNO leadership to identify Métis-specific priorities for the Action Plan, using virtual engagement sessions and surveys. The MNO continues its collaborative work with the MNC and Governing Members, and in sharing joint priorities with Canada. The presentation also provided recent updates and Métis-specific priorities included in the draft Action Plan released by Canada on March 30, 2023. It is expected that Canada will table the Action Plan in June.

Culture and Language Camp Feasibility Study
Joanne Meyer, COO, and Dr. Bryanna Scott-Kay, Director of Education and Training

In February 2022, the Early Learning and Child Care Infrastructure and Partnerships (ELCC I&P) team submitted an application to the Cultural Spaces in Indigenous Communities Program (CSICP) administered through Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada; and were awarded funds to support the Métis Nation of Ontario Culture and Language Camp Feasibility Study.

      • Phase one of the project investigated the feasibility and operational considerations of establishing two Culture and Language Camps (one in northern Ontario and one in southern Ontario). Results of the study were then shared with PCMNO.
      • Phase two will begin soon and includes an environmental scan research document; the business plan for Métis Culture and Language Camps, and Construction and Implementation Plans.

It was resolved that PCMNO directs the MNO Secretariat staff to proceed with Phase 2 of the Métis Language and Culture Camp Study, outlined in the PCMNO Briefing Note dated March 23, 2023, exploring the establishment of an overnight-type camp, that includes camps that cater to children and families, in Georgian Bay (southern camp) and Thunder Bay (northern camp).

2023 Annual General Assembly (AGA) Planning
Ursula D’Angelo, Chief Financial Officer

PCMNO reviewed a brief update on plans currently underway for the 2023 MNO AGA, including hiring an event management company and a specialist to assist in coordination. PCMNO also discussed venues for the event, such as Westin Hotel in Ottawa; the canoe landing site at the Canadian Museum of History and proposed campgrounds.

30/20 Anniversaries Update
Marc St. Germain, Director of Communications

The Director of Communications provided a high-level overview of the 30/20 anniversary content recognizing the 30th anniversary of the MNO and the 20th anniversary of the landmark Powley decision. The presentation included:

      • Logos and branding style for 30/20 communications; including MNO30 “swag”
      • #ThrowbackThursdays building up to the AGA and throughout the year
      • Stars: Citizen Spotlight highlighting success stories across the MNO
      • Métis Historic Community Guides booklets through Education and Training
      • “Powley Institute” digital platform
      • Youth Canoe Experience Mini-expeditions (north and south Ontario)
      • MNOYC Youth Art/ Essay Contest
      • Youth-Elders Oral History Project
      • MNO30 Community Event Fund
      • MNO30 Documentary and Powley Documentary

Government Relations Update
Matthew Robertson, Intergovernmental Relations Lead and Zac Thiffault, Legal Advisor

To strengthen support and build engagement regarding the MGRSIA and federal recognition, the MNO has been actively building relationships with elected officials and leadership across all levels of government.

      • In-house legal provided an overview of previous and upcoming meetings, which include outreach to over 90 Members of Parliament, Senators, Cabinet offices, and other relevant leadership.
      • Citizens will also have the option of contacting leadership themselves

Legal then raised proposed “ministry matching” to connect MNO branches with relevant Ontario ministries in order to build relationships and seek additional investments. (ex. Programs such as Housing or supports for seniors). PCMNO also discussed the creation of working groups and working tables with ministries to hold conversations on policies and programs and voice Métis interests, which have been historically lacking in said discussions.

Operational Updates
Ursula D’Angelo, CFO, Joanne Meyer, COO, Jennifer St. Germain, CSO, and Leeanne Harvey, HR Director

Update from CFO

      • Acknowledged the year end for finance team and is processing outstanding information such as invoices and accounts payable and accounts receivable documents.
      • Finance liaisons have been working with Community Councils to gather information to include on financial statements.
      • Implementing NetSuite, a financial accounting software system used to streamline accounts payable, purchase order process and improve financial reporting

Update from COO

      • Investigating mainstream funding sources for programs and services, as no support (including Covid supports) are provided for programming under the recent federal budget
      • Pursuing of a new Health Accords for future negotiations, and renewal of Education & Training Accord (post-secondary)
      • Directors are outlining events for the next year; in addition to Powley events, cultural camps, and Louis Riel Day celebrations

Update from CSO

      • Reviewed upcoming Community Council Elections update and the need to appoint a MNO Chief Electoral Officer
      • PCMNO reviewed Briefing from Human Resources Director Leeanne Harvey; and the hiring of Regional Managers

It was resolved that pursuant to the MNO Electoral Code: Part A, the PCMNO appoints Paul DeVillers as the MNO Chief Electoral Officer to oversee the MNO Community Council Elections in accordance with MNO Electoral Code: Part B and Community Council Electoral Codes for a term appointment of April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

Economic Development Update
Ursula D’Angelo, CFO

The MNO has recently hired an Economic Development Officer who will be:

      • coordinating with participating Regions in developing their economic sustainability frameworks,
      • seeking feedback on Prosperity and Self-Sufficiency Law, and
      • gathering information from Métis businesses on barriers they may be experiencing

The CFO also reported on ongoing participation of the MNO at tables with the MNC, and representing Ontario in the drafting and development of an Economic Development sub-accord.

April 20, 2023

President’s Update
MNO President Froh

Prior to in-camera consultation with MNO’s legal consultants, MNO President Froh provided a brief update on recent accomplishments occurring at the national level, including:

      • A Justice Forum held by the Métis National Council (MNC) on justice and policing,
        • Justice is key priority identified under the Canada-Métis Nation Accord;
        • Director of Rights Research and Policy Brian Trucker presented on United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP);
        • Regional Councilor Mitch Case discussed community-led restorative justice relating to Harvesting issues
      • Delegates from the MNO and MNC attended the United Nations Public Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in New York City;
        • Theme of UNPFII was “Indigenous Peoples, human health, planetary and territorial health and climate change: a rights-based approach.”
        • Delegates brought Métis experiences and the stories of Survivors to an international audience
      • Métis delegates participated in side event panels, including
        • A side event held by Métis Nation – Saskatchewan sharing stories from Île-à-la-Crosse Residential School Survivors;
        • “Legislating Indigenous Voices,” featuring participants from the MNC, Canada, and Denmark
      • Acknowledged the Canada Métis Nation Accord Permanent Bilateral Mechanism and upcoming annual summit with the Prime Minister.

Concluding her opening remarks, President Froh shared that the Federal Recognition Legislation Bill will be introduced to Parliament in the near future, and is expected to be brought to House of Commons in May.


Legal counsel provided PCMNO with details regarding the Federal Recognition Legislation bill being introduced to the House of Commons.

Regarding the Special Assembly in June, PCMNO discussed taking action on two priorities:

      • Draft Memo “Update on Planning for Special Assembly in June 2023” to be circulated to PCMNO, Community Councils, Advisory Councils & Working Groups
      • Passing of a Resolution giving Direction on Special Assembly


PCMNO Resolution re Direction on Special Assembly

It was resolved that the PCMNO:

  1. Adopt and directs, subject to any technical or consistency edits discussed and made by legal counsel, the memo titled “Update on Planning for Special Assembly in June 2023” be publically posted on the MNO’s designated “Special Assembly” webpage to ensure all MNO citizens have as much advanced information as possible related to meeting logistics before the formal notice call is issued so they can plan accordingly;
  2. Authorizes costs associated with the “Special Assembly” be paid from the Interim Fiscal Financing Agreement Funds
  3. Appoints the following individuals to oversee aspects of the Special Assembly meeting and ballot box vote:
    1. Eli Mina as the Independent Chair; and
    2. Paul DeVillers as the Chief Electoral Officer;
  4. Directs the MNO administration to work with legal counsel to retain the following services related to the contemplated appeals process, in the event the special resolution is ultimately adopted: a. Know History to provide administrative support during the appeal process; and b. a retired judge, mediator, or arbitrator to consider the appeal;
  5. Directs that no MNO leadership update meetings or other workshops be held prior to the Special Assembly