MNO Veteran Alex Boucher PassesWorld War 2 Veteran Alexander Boucher served as
Corporal in the Army Infantry and Medical Corp
from 1942-1945
It was with deep sadness that the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) reports the loss of Métis Veteran Alexander Sandy Boucher who passed peacefully the morning of July 12, 2020 in Parry Sound, ON.

“Alex was truly a charming, independent spirit with many remarkable stories, and it has been my great pleasure to get to know him and his family over the years,” shared MNO President Margaret Froh in a statement this morning.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alex and his loved ones during this sad time, but we look forward to hearing more stories about Alex as we honour this exceptional individual and his many achievements.”

Boucher was a celebrated World War 2 Veteran, serving as Corporal in the Army Infantry and Medical Corps from 1942-1945. Additionally, he was responsible for the training of new recruits in battlefield medical procedures and rifle range. In 2013, he registered as a member of the MNO Veterans Council.

An honoured recipient of both the Louis Riel Medal and the Order of the Sash, Boucher was also identified in a formal apology from the federal government addressed to Métis Veterans in 2019. This long-awaited apology recognized Boucher for his many sacrifices and contributions, and featured a special ceremony and presentation of a $20,000 cheque from the Minister of Veteran Affairs and Manitoba Métis Federation President, David Chartrand.

A beloved member of the Métis community and MNO Veterans Council, Boucher was acknowledged as the oldest Indigenous Veteran in Canada, having celebrated his 107th birthday in January at his home in Britt, ON. A celebration was held with Boucher’s friends and family, the MNO President, and Veterans Council, and included a special message from Minister of Veterans Affairs, Lawrence MacAuley, who expressed his gratitude to Boucher for his contributions and service.

“Thank you for what you did for this country, Alex,” shared Minister MacAuley. “When somebody needed to stand up and defend us, you were there.”

The MNO extends its sincere, heartfelt condolences to Alex Boucher’s family and loved ones during this time. Boucher was a beloved figure and while this loss will be deeply felt, his legacy will live on as we remember his strong spirit, his profound contributions to the Métis community, and his sacrifices when serving his country and nation.

Posted: July 12, 2020