Adapted from an article by Duane Hicks published in Fort Frances Online that can be viewed at:

Jigging Workshop in Fort FrancisVal Pelepetz, MNO Sunset Country Community Council Treasurer, and MNO Sunset
Country Senator John George, jigging at the Sun Set Country Métis Hall in Fort Francis.

Jigging is an important part of Métis heritage and culture, but these days not everyone knows how to do it.

To change that, a jigging workshop instructed by Justin Boshey was held at the Sunset Country Métis Hall in Fort Frances on January 22.

“We’d like to give people an opportunity to learn how to jig,” said Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Sunset Country Community Council member Wanda Botsford, [so] they can join in the dancing when the fiddles come out during the merry-making at the Métis Hall.”

According to Boshey, in many communities jigging is starting to fade away. But Boshey wants to revive it. “Métis people are just another group of people that are part of us from way back but didn’t get that recognition for a long time,” he noted.

“I’ve never jigged. I don’t know how to jig,” admitted MNO Sunset Country President Clint Calder. “I’m looking forward to learning. We really appreciate Justin sharing his skills and talents with us.”