Tara Shannon
Singer/songwriter Tara Shannon

The Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition (OAC) is pleased to invite Aboriginal youth—aged 10 to 20 years old—to participate in a recording session with singer/songwriter Tara Shannon. The recording session will include the voices of Aboriginal youth throughout the recording of the song, Someone Who Understands. This song was written by Hayley—a Métis youth, who will also be at the recording session.

1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
October 15, 2016

Raven Street Studios
1540 Raven Road
Ottawa, Ontario

Dinner will be provided for all participants at 5:30 p.m.

In addition to the recording session, there will be a video made to document “The Making of Someone Who Understands” with a specific focus on the struggle that Aboriginal youth have with mental health issues. Tara’s hope with this video is that it “will help educate, and support further discussion on mental health and bring a sense of hope…because none of us are truly alone”.

There will also be the opportunity for any Aboriginal youth participating in the session to share their story on camera of any struggles they have had with mental health issues—what they have overcome and how. Youth are invited to bring with them any Aboriginal clothing for these interviews.

Proceeds from the sale of this record will go to Aboriginal youth through one of OAC’s member organizations.

All youth must have a signed consent form and be registered. The registration deadline is October 1, 2016.

To register and receive a consent form, please contact:

Wendy Lanouette

About Tara Shannon

Classically trained in both piano and saxophone, songwriting came from Tara’s desire to colour outside those lines and since then, the artist in her has found a strong and clear voice both in the songs she writes for herself and for others. “I can’t run from what’s woven into the fabric of my being,” Tara notes, “I need to create like I need to breathe.”

Highlights for Tara in her career so far include when she was chosen as one of six Canadian songwriters to write songs for the 17th World Youth Day when Pope John Paul II visited Toronto in 2002. Another shining moment, was when she was selected as an honoured guest to perform her song, Dignity, at the United Way’s National Conference. One thing cannot be denied—Tara’s songs have a way of moving people.

After taking some time to raise her family, Tara is returning to music full time bringing her truest voice to the world stage.

Published on: September 23, 2016