MNO Council seeking submissions for Métis time capsule

Louis Riel urged us to: “cherish our inheritance … to preserve it … for the youth of the future,” and the North Bay Métis Council is setting out to do just that with a Legacy Preservation Project.

The North Bay Métis Council is inviting submissions of items to be included in a Métis Nation of Ontario time capsule. MNO Community Councils and Citizens from all Regions are invited to participate in a movement that will help protect and preserve our heritage.

Submissions of items to be included:

  • letters;
  • books;
  • artwork;
  • crafts;
  • photographs;
  • recordings; and
  • whatever else you would like to share.

Write about our accomplishments, current events or give well wishes to future Métis generations.

The time capsule will be set in place on Louis Riel Day–November 16th, 2021–and will be opened on the 200th anniversary of the tragic execution of Riel that the 16th marks — in the year 2085.

We are living through an unprecedented time that will make its way into history books. Let’s add an inspiring chapter to our history by coming together to build a gift of hope and inspiration – a gift that demonstrates the resilience of the Métis Nation of Ontario!

To contact the Council about the Time Capsule email:


Mail submissions to:

Legacy Preservation Project 

P.O.BOX 1410 

North Bay, Ontario 

P1B 8K6