We are calling all children and youth Métis artists! We are excited to announce that the MNO’s Education & Training Branch is moving forward with a logo design for the newly acquired children’s culture and language camp in Burk’s Falls. We are actively working on ensuring the camp is an inclusive and safe place for all, where children and their families will engage in culturally immersive programming. As we move forward in planning and designing this camp, we need the perfect logo, and we thought about who would be better to design this logo than the Métis children and youth and their families who will be utilizing this camp.

All Métis children and their families are welcome to participate if they meet the following criteria:

• One parent, legal guardian, or child must be a Métis Nation of Ontario citizen eligible for direct benefits.
• Must reside in Ontario.
• Proof of Métis Nation of Ontario citizenship will be required when completing the application.
• At least one child must be aged 0-18

Other considerations:
• Multiple logo designs per family are welcome and encouraged!
• Please note: this is a contest, and therefore, not all submissions will be chosen.
• Parents/Guardians will be required to provide consent for their child(ren) for the submitted logo(s) to be utilized.
• The logo must be completed solely by the child(ren).

The winner of the logo contest will receive a custom sign of their logo as well as a $100 Walmart gift card. Please allow 3-4 months to recive the sign, however the gift card will be shipped to the winner once they are announced.

Applications will be accepted between April 2, 2024 – April 30, 2024. To apply, click the button below.