timmins-groupTimmins area volunteers with the MNO’s Healing and Wellness
Branch’s Long Term Care Program.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Healing and Wellness Branch’s Long Term Care (LTC) Program in Timmins has been very busy over the last month with several community service events.

On February 24, the LTC program and the Youth Coordinator hosted a presentation by Mary Fortier. Mary is a survivor of the residential school system, she told her story of coping with her painful memories throughout her youth and adulthood. “I was amazed with Mary quiet courage,” stated Shirley Potvin, a member of the Timmins Métis Council, “while it was heartbreaking to hear her story it is important for all of us that she tells it.”

timmins-maryMary Fortier (left) with Youth Coordinator Cyndee Desrochers of the
Métis Nation of Ontario – Timmins Council

On March 3, 20 participants attended a workshop on Alzheimer disease organized by the LTC. The workshop was provided by Graham Lee and included a movie about the impact of Alzheimer disease. Following the workshop, “It is a hard subject,” said local Métis Council member Regina Rosignol, “but I really appreciated what Graham had to say and I think it helped us all understand Alzheimer disease.

The LTC held an appreciation luncheon for volunteers on March 17 at a local restaurant. Each volunteer received a certificate acknowledging their dedicated service. Some volunteers had been supporting MNO Healing and Wellness programs for as long as 17 years. “Our program wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated volunteers,” stated LTC Coordinator Louise Cloutier, “we are so grateful for everything they do to make our program a success.”

timmins-speakerMr. Lee Graham Lee, who presented about Alzheimer disease,
wearing the Métis sash he received as a gift. was presented with
a sash to thank him for his presentation.