Submitted by: Rick Meilleur, MNO Citizen

Cambrian College Louis Riel
Participants at the Louis Riel Day celebration at
Cambrian College.

On November 20, 2014, a celebration in honour of Louis Riel Day was held at Cambrian College in Sudbury. There was a great turn out, which included Cambrian College staff and students, staff from the MNO Sudbury office and MNO citizens.

Participants indulged in famous Métis desserts such as, sucre à la creme, tarte au sucre, tarte aux œufs, pouding chômeur, pets de sœur, molasses cookies and the famous bouilli blanc.

Participants were up and dancing in no time thanks to the entertainment provided by Mr. Belanger on keyboard and Mr. Martel on fiddle.

Thank you goes out to Marie-Claire Vignola, Métis Elder at Cambrian College, for organizing the event and the chefs for preparing their famous ‘Indian’ tacos.