mental-health-platformStatistics in Canada show that one in five Canadians suffer from Mental Health issues. For various reasons, including stigma and insight, only 20% of those suffering seek and receive help. Looking specifically at the Métis population here in Ontario, the numbers show that Métis youth are even less likely to seek help.

In an effort to reach out to Métis youth, 15-29 years of age, a Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Métis Youth Wellness Engagement technical platform has been developed by Métis youth for Métis youth and is currently being piloted after its internal launch at the MNO Youth Council Conference held prior to the MNO Annual General Assembly in August 2017.

This technical tool can be downloaded from where it can be used on a mobile device or computer. It administers a self-guided mental wellness tool to get Métis youth thinking about their personal wellness and offers access to MNO and other resources to address mental wellness needs in their region. The connection to community and culture are additional pillars to wellness and as such, this tool endeavours to connect Métis youth to culturally grounded services within the MNO, their community councils and other Métis forums and activities. As this tool continues to evolve in consultation with the Métis Wellness working group, it is asked that you or others you know become involved in the #MNOWellnessRevolution!

The MNO would like to thank the working group for their significant contributions to date. The group will be meeting again shortly to add participants and to enhance this tool’s continued relevance and responsiveness to emerging needs. At the same time, the MNO continues work to expand the types of mental health and addiction services available to all Métis people.

Should you have any questions or suggestions or would like to join the working group, please contact the MNO Manager of Mental Health and Addictions, Wendy Stewart at or 613-798-1488 extension 125.

Posted: September 21, 2017