Representatives from the MNO met with Industry partners for a Collaborative Forum on March 20.

This year’s Collaborative Forum with Industry was held in downtown Toronto on March 20, bringing together Métis Nation of Ontario’s (MNO) industry partners for a daylong session of presentations and discussions. Among those in attendance were members of the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO), Community Council Presidents, Captains of the Hunt, and proponents and leaders representing mining and energy sectors.

Welcoming this year’s attendees, MNO President Margaret Froh recognized the value of building relationships with industry proponents.

“By working together to build relationships and a greater awareness of the realities and interests of our Métis Citizens, families and communities we can collectively make Ontario a better place. [Through our actions], we can build a relationship that offers opportunity, prosperity and ensure that our rich culture and way of life is respected and protected.”

Presentations covered historical and contemporary perspectives of the Métis in Ontario. Participants reviewed the development of Métis rights in Ontario, as well as heard from Know History Director Ryan Shackleton about Métis stories and history, MNO Lands Resources and Consultation Manager Linda Norheim on the ‘duty to consult’ and its processes, and MNO Associate Director of Education Brian Tucker on Métis in mining.

The forum provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to showcase accomplishments, strengthen relationships through networking, and give recognition to the importance of sustainable action, so that the land, integral to Métis identity and culture, is protected.

Proponents from Detour Gold and Avalon gave presentations in the afternoon, speaking to sustainable project developments and to their commitment to work alongside local Indigenous communities.

Thanks to these relationships, the MNO has achieved great success over the last few years – including the establishment of four Impact Benefit Agreements, the first of which was signed with Detour Gold in 2012.

The MNO is committed to enhancing its relationships with proponents to address the many priorities of Ontario Métis families and communities.

Posted: April 10, 2019