crmc displayThe MNO Credit River Métis Council display at the Credit
Valley Conservation Authority’s Learning Centre.
Submitted by Bill Morrison, MNO Credit River Métis Council Senator

From March 7 to April 5, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC), one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario with a mandate to ensure Ontario’s water, land and natural habitats are conserved, restored and responsibly managed, held its annual Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival and extended an invitation to the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Credit River Métis Council (CRMC) to be involved.

This is the third year the MNO CRMC has participated in the festival. This year’s team was headed by Wendy Elliott, the MNO CRMC’s Women’s Representative, and other council volunteers.

The most active period of the Sugarbush Maple Festival happened around the March break, which took place between March 14 and March 22 this year. The festival attracted close to 1,000 visitors from around the world and of all ages!

People from the United States, the Caribbean, Poland and Australia visited the Watershed Learning Centre in the Terra Cotta Conservation Park, where the MNO CRMC’s presentation was on display.

Curious people ranged from the age of two years old all the way to 90 years old, asking all sorts of different questions, which the MNO CRMC representatives enjoyed and appreciated.

Visitors got to learn about traditional Métis items such as a hand drum, moccasins, mukluks, deerskin mitts, a Métis sash, wooden carvings and a quill box. The display included many pictures and materials from the MNO Education Kit, educating visitors about the Métis Way of Life and the Michif language.

Over the years, the CVC authority has developed a positive relationship with the MNO CRMC and appreciated the expertise that the Métis community brings to the education of the CVC visitors.

The opportunity is appreciated and both parties look forward to the next collaboration.