Métis Family Wellbeing Program Launched In Mattawa Lg
Back row (left-right): MNO Employment Developer
Mark Burns, Region 5 Councilor Dan Boulard, MNO
Mattawa Métis Council President Nelson Montreuil,
Métis Healthy Babies Healthy Children Coordinator
Lisa Poulin, Mattawa Métis Family Wellbeing
Coordinator Christy Lewin, Mattawa Métis Council
Senator Joycelin Rose and Mattawa Métis Council
Chair Roger Rose. Front row (left-right): North Bay
Métis Family Wellbeing Coordinator Amanda
Benedict, Mattawa Métis Council Women’s
Representative Annik Doucette, baby Addison and
Mattawa Métis Council Secretary-Treasurer Melanie
Rose. Click here for larger picture.

On June 7, 2017, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Mattawa Métis Council (MMC), MNO staff from the Mattawa and North Bay offices, MNO citizens and community guests came together for the launch of the new Métis Family Wellbeing Program in Mattawa.

Twenty-four people attended along with the Mayors of Calvin and Bonfield as well as town council members from Bonfield. Also in attendance was President and CEO of the Mattawa Hospital and Administrator of the Algonquin Nursing Home Jeremy Stevenson and staff from several MNO programs.

Many local citizens visited the office to show their support for the new MNO Métis Family Wellbeing Program. Métis Healthy Babies Healthy Children Coordinator Lisa Poulin offered balloons to kids and networked with people outside the office providing information on MNO programs. MNO Education and Training Employment Developer Mark Burns was in the office answering questions. Amanda Benedict from the North Bay office was available to assist in any way needed, often engaging in conversation with people regarding finger weaving.

Métis Family Wellbeing Coordinator Christy Lewin in Mattawa was thankful for the support from the MNO North Bay staff and MNO MMC. Although, there have been many challenges to setting up the new office, the support from the Council, staff, supervisors and the John Dixon Public Library, have allowed for programming to start in February. The MNO MMC was a great help in assembly office furniture.

Special thanks go out to Roger Rose, Joyceline Rose, Melanie Rose, Austin Rose and Eddie Doucette for all the help in setting up the office space.

Posted: July 20, 2017