Métis-focused Ecological Footprint Calculator  

Do you know the impact your lifestyle has on the environment in your community? Calculate your ecological footprint and explore sustainable solutions you can use to minimize your eco impact.

The Métis-focused Ecological Footprint Calculator (Manyèr èkawlawjik michif de traké) is a fun, interactive and informative tool that lets you calculate the impact your lifestyle has on the environment in your community!
The Métis-focused Ecological Footprint Calculator is a first of its kind and integrates Métis knowledge and way of life into its questions and calculations. The calculator includes a range of lifestyle factors influencing one’s ecological footprint, including food procurement and consumption, methods of transportation, sources of heat and energy use and more.
The calculator also highlights eco-friendly actions citizens may already be taking, while identifying what could be implemented for additional benefits to their community and the planet. The results page concludes with videos featuring MNO knowledge holders sharing key insights and tips for living in a more sustainable way.
The Métis-focused Ecological Footprint Calculator is a project of the Environment and Climate Change team in the MNO Lands, Resources and Consultations (LRC) Branch. The team’s work was informed and tested by Métis knowledge-holders and Métis youth from across the MNO and developed in partnership with Shared Value Solutions, York University’s Ecological Footprint Initiative, and Vincent Design – a Métis-owned and operated web developer.
Please note that no personal identifying data is stored when using the calculator, and aggregated data used to show general trends and averages is stored on a secure server.
Take the first step in understanding your ecological footprint and try the manyèr èkawlawjik michif de traké today: https://mno-calculator-bayi8.ondigitalocean.app/
For more info about the Métis-focused Ecological Footprint Calculator or the MNO Climate Change programming contact: JacquelineB@metisnation.org or conservation@metisnation.org.