Franco show

On May 14, Ottawa area Métis were invited to see a show which celebrates Métis art and culture. The French show entitled, L’écho d’un peuple fier et Metissé, was held at De La Salle High School.

While attendees were taking their seats, the school auditorium filled with students who were clapping along with Métis fiddle music while waiting for the show to begin.

The show is a creation of L’écho d’un people, a non-profit community organization run by volunteers from the entire region of Eastern Ontario.

The show recounts four centuries of Franco-Ontarians, First Nations and Métis peoples’ history through 17 frames in 90 minutes. It combines theater, music and film to create an entertaining performance. It combines of theatrical magic, dance, period costumes, special effects, action scenes, powerful cinematographic images, humour and heart-rending songs as it evoked the powerful and much intermingled history of Franco-Ontarians and Métis.

franco show cast

“The objective is to provide an opportunity for Franco-Ontarians and Métis to express pride in their language, their culture and heritage,” said the shows Artistic Director Felix Saint-Denis. “Also to make them aware of the history, culture and heritage of these people in Ontario.”

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, three French and public school boards of the area including Cornwall and Ottawa region, the show features three generations of local performers on stage.

The show would not be possible without the hard working 250 volunteer actors, dancers, set designers and singers.