Métis Nation of Ontario saddened to see the destruction of property in Millbrook on November 15


The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is saddened to see the destruction of property that took place at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 402 and the Peterborough District Masonic Association’s lodge in Millbrook on November 15.

We stand firmly against such actions under any circumstances. For this to happen on the eve of Louis Riel Day — a date of great meaning in the Métis calendar – these unacceptable acts of vandalism are deeply disrespectful of his legacy and of the values held by the Métis Nation of Ontario.

The MNO is also saddened that the infinity sign — a celebrated symbol of Métis strength and resilience — was used in the defacement.

The local Métis community have been working hard to build relationships and raise awareness about important Métis issues – including work with the Peterborough Museum and Archives, the Canadian Canoe Museum and other institutions.

These relationships are being built to raise awareness and educate, and to build a spirit of reconciliation at the community level. We see this progress currently represented in Port Hope, where the municipality is working with local indigenous communities to raise awareness and concerns around a statue that commemorates Colonel Arthur Williams as a “hero of the Battle of Batoche” to ensure that a more complete story is told.

There are good and healthy ways to express frustration, and vandalism is not one. In the voice of one of our Métis youth Sebastien Lemelin, “We need to mend relationships in a healthy way instead of an aggressive way.”

The MNO deeply respects and values our relationships with the local community, including our friends and partners at the legion, with whom we share a long history.

But we also recognize the very valid concerns and grievances unique to our Métis communities. We remind all citizens that supports are available to anyone struggling with trauma or mental health; including our 24-Hr Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-877-767-7572.

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Marc St. Germain

Director of Communications

Métis Nation of Ontario