Métis hold the right of self-determination and self-government close to their hearts. The journey to self-government started well before there was a Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) with the dreams of our ancestors. The MNO embedded these principles within the Statement of Prime Purpose and has remained true to this legacy as it built a Métis government community by community, meeting by meeting, assembly by assembly. Through the will and determination of Métis people and communities coming together the MNO has achieved many successes by working together.

The MNO took a historic step forward with the signing of the Métis Government Recognition and Self Government Agreement (MGRSA). As MNO continues its efforts to communicate with leadership and citizens throughout Ontario about the next steps on the path to self-government please find the following document.

The Path Forward – Métis Self Government: This presentation has been used in various regional and community council meetings to provide a history of the MNO’s path to advance rights and self-government, information about the MGRSA, what is currently being done with regions and communities and the next steps in the process.

Citizens are encouraged to reach out to their PCMNO Regional Councillor and Community Council leadership to find out more about events and conversations in their area.

The MNO Self-Government Team welcomes your questions, comments and invites you to get involved in these conversations. Contact the MNO Self-Government team at Self.Government@metisnation.org.

Resources and links:

The Path Forward – Métis Self Government
MNO Self-Government website