Addiction is a bio-psycho-social disorder that affects the entire family. For every individual affected with this disorder, there are a minimum of 5 other people who are affected emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, socially and spiritually – in most cases, family members. Many people in recovery from substance use or behavioural use disorders speak to the “cunning, powerful and baffling” impacts on their lives.

This two-part interactive session will address the following questions: What is addiction? How does someone become addicted? What are the physical, emotional and spiritual effects on the individual with substance use and/or behavioral use disorders? What is the impact on the family?

This is a 2-evening program for family members, friends and support persons who are concerned about someone with a substance use, behavioural addiction or mental health issues.

Part 1 – Addiction – How did this happen to us?
Wednesday February 16, 2022:
Time: 6:30- 8:30PM EST

Part 2 – The Chaos and Empowerment of Addiction
Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST

Guest Speakers:

Linda Goonewardene, Family/Parent Counsellor,
Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Addiction Counsellor

Linda has worked in the Family program at Rideauwood Addictions and Family Services since 2013. She provides individual and group counselling for family members.

Linda is a graduate of Carleton, McMaster, and Drew Universities. She immigrated to Canada from England as a child with parents from Germany and Sri Lanka.

Linda lived in the United States as a wife, parent, student. Then she worked as a counsellor in residential treatment programs for adults and adolescents struggling with substance and behavioural use disorders.

Vanessa Turner, Family/Parent Counsellor

Vanessa has been working in the Family program at Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services since July2021.Vanessa is an experienced social service worker and counsellor with a demonstrated history of working in with various community agencies.

She is passionate about creating connection through community engagement and coordination, with a strong commitment to helping others and supporting community led approaches to obtain justice for those who need it most.

She obtained a Bachelor’s in Criminology from the University of Ottawa and is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in mental health and addiction counselling practices at Algonquin College.

James Bolan, B.A., C.C.A.C., C.I.A.C, C.C.S.-A.C., C.C.T.A.C.P.,
Indigenous Social Work – Registered

James has been providing client-centred counselling and support services in Mental Health and Addiction since 2010. He received his Addictions and Community Service Worker Diploma from Everest College in Sudbury, Ontario, and has also completed a combined B.A. Honours Degree in Economics and Computer Science at Laurentian University.

James is the owner of LivingPotential, a wholistic therapeutic counselling and support services firm providing quality person-centred care in behaviour therapy, trauma therapy and couples therapy, and we have facilitated groups and circles over the past 10 years throughout northern Ontario.

LivingPotential is honoured to partner with the Métis Nation of Ontario in the Mental Health and Addiction programs.