Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council Hosts Successful Annual General Meeting in Toronto


1L to R: MNOWC Women Honouring Women Award 2020 recipient Cecile Wagar, MNOWC President Suzanne Jackson, and 2021 WHW Award recipient Suzanne Brunelle.

On August 19, 2022 a gathering of Métis women and Two-Spirit identifying citizens met in Toronto for the 2022 Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council (MNOWC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the presentation of the annual Women Honouring Women Award.

MNOWC President Suzanne Jackson and MNOWC Vice-Chair Tera Beaulieu led the AGM, which commenced with an opening prayer offered by Pearl Gabona, the Call to Order and a review of the Four Agreements. In addition to MNOWC Representatives, the AGM welcomed special guests MNO President Margaret Froh; Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak (LFMO) President Melanie Omeniho; and PCMNO Chair Hank Rowlinson.

43 Métis women – consisting of Métis Senators, Regional Women’s Representatives, Community Council Women’s Representatives, youth and Two-Spirit delegates – were in attendance, determined to advance the empowering and inclusive mandate of the MNOWC.

Following the greetings and welcoming remarks, the MNOWC got down to business, reviewing the previous year’s AGM minutes and the 2022 MNOWC Financial Report. President Jackson then delivered her President’s Report which highlighted the exceptional work of Métis women across the MNO, progress made on key items, and encouraged delegates to continue to bring issues to the attention of the MNOWC.

Women Representatives from the MNO’s nine regions were invited to share individual reports and highlight accomplishments from the past year. Those presenting included: Colette Surovy (Region 1); Kelly Camacho (Region 2); Santana Sanftenberg (Region 3); June Smart (Region 4); Lynne Gouliquer (Region 5); Cora Bunn (Region 6); Patricia Taylor (Region 7); Tera Beaulieu (Region 8); and Colleen Brunelle (Region 9).

Several significant motions were passed at this year’s AGM, amending the MNOWC Terms of Reference, accepting a draft MNOWC Charter, and raised a Resolution to push for the appointment of a MNOWC representative to the PCMNO.


Women Honouring Women Award

Every year, an outstanding Métis woman is recognized by the MNOWC’s Women Honouring Women Award. Candidates are selected for their positive contributions to Métis-specific volunteerism, demonstrated leadership qualities, and participation in Métis culture and ways of life.

This year’s WHW award recognized Juliette S. Denis, MNO Sudbury Métis Council Women’s Representative. As she was unable to attend the AGM, the Region 5 Women’s Representative accepted on her behalf. The AGM also recognized previous year’s WHW award recipients:

  • Senator Cecile Wagar (2020) and
  • Senator Suzanne Brunelle (2021)

The MNO and MNOWC are made up of many exceptional women who contribute to their communities through selfless and bold acts of volunteerism, dedicating their time and energy to advancing key issues and shared priorities on behalf of Métis women and 2SGBTQ+ individuals. The MNO commends the hard work of all those involved in making the 2022 MNOWC AGM another great success!

Learn more about the MNOWC and its mission to advance Métis women’s rights online at: https://www.mnowc.com/.