On January 20, 2020, the MNO received a letter from Métis National Council (MNC) President Clement Chartier claiming that the MNO was now suspended from the Métis National Council’s governance. Citizens will recall that during the November MNC Assembly a resolution was very narrowly passed to place the MNO on ‘probation’ and directed that the matter would be revisited at a future Assembly.

The MNC also posted on its website and circulated widely a press release which makes serious allegations against the Presidents of MNO, MNA and MNS including: “This group is putting at risk the birthright of generations of our children. They are sacrificing our People’s future.” MNC’s communication is in complete contrast to the demonstration of accountable and transparent governance, as well as respectful and engaged democracy that took place at the Tri-council Meeting of the Governments of MNO, MNA and MNS in Edmonton, Alberta last week.

During the Tri-council meeting delegates spoke of the enduring commitment of grassroots citizens and leadership within Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan to fight for the Métis Nation, and to advance Métis rights, self-determination and self-government. As was articulated during these meetings, the leadership of MNO, MNA and MNS are focused on “Metis people”; and united in a commitment to “our future generations”.

Disappointedly today’s MNC letter and subsequent media release comes on the heels of this incredibly successful, respectful and productive government-to-government meeting of the MNO, MNA and MNS. These three Métis Governments comprise the majority of the MNC Board of Governors. At the Tri-Council Meeting the three Métis Governments provided information about their citizenship and registry systems, shared program successes, discussed a series of issues and released a joint declaration for moving forward on self-government and passed a resolution, by consensus, calling for greater accountability and reform of the MNC.

As has been reported previously to MNO Citizens, for more than a year the Presidents of MNO, MNA and MNS have made repeated requests for the MNC President to call a meeting of the Board of Governors in order to address the issue of MNO’s “probation” as well as to discuss other critical financial and governance related issues. Those requests for meetings have been continuously denied. This latest exchange by President Chartier while anticipated, is yet another unfortunate step away from what MNO, MNA and MNS have been consistently calling for; opportunities for all Métis governments across the homeland to be working together to advance shared governance priorities and collective interests.

This latest action demonstrates a lack of leadership, it does not serve the interests of advancing the Metis Nation and reflects poorly on all of us. The Governments of MNO, MNA and MNS have made it clear to Canada that they remain committed to the principles of good governance and wish to see reform for the MNC and will continue to work together to advance their respective Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreements

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Posted January 22, 2020