Submitted by: Donna Grayer, MNO Windsor-Essex Métis Council Women’s Representative

Windsor flag
MNO Windsor-Essex Métis Council members Jon Rochon, Wilfred Rochon and Donna Grayer at
Windsor City Hall.

On Friday, June 21 in Windsor, the City of Roses, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Windsor-Essex Métis Council raised the Métis National flag for the first time in front of Windsor’s City Hall. The flag rising celebrated National Aboriginal Day and acknowledged the 20 year anniversary of the MNO.

The late MNO Senator Earl Scofield and past council president Bob LeBoeuf had often discuessed raising the flag at City Hall. The council settled on the year of 2013 because of the MNO’s 20th anniversary as well as to celebrate the recent success the Métis have accomplished in the provincial and federal courts.

Founding MNO Windsor-Essex Métis Council members Wilfred Rochon and Bob LeBoeuf were given the honour of raising the flag. Attendants proudly watched as the flag went up the pole, then swirled, as there was no wind. Fortunately, the wind did pick up enough for those in attendance to witness the Métis flag flying. While watching, pride and big smiles surfaced on the faces of all in attendance.

Windsor flag 2
Métis National Flag flying in front of Windsor City Hall.

It was a beautiful day; each felt that the late Senator Scofield may have contributed to the gentle breezes that caused the Métis flag to fly that day, as he was in their thoughts.

In attendance were: Senator Bob Leboeuf, Councillor Wilfred Rochon and wife, Sue Morency, Secretary; Jon Rochon, Vice-President; Donna Grayer, Women’s Representative; Tina De Castro from the Great Essex District School Board; and MNO staff October Fostey and Jannatu Mawal.