officer commissionCharles Mandeville (centre) receiving his Sub-Lieutenant’s
rank from his wife Julia (left) and his father Guy (right) at
his Commissioning Ceremony on July 13 at CFS Leitrim in
Submitted by Guy Mandeville, C.D., Chair of the MNO Veterans’ Council

Charles Mandeville, the son of Guy Mandeville, C.D., Chair of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council, has become a commissioned officer and promoted to Sub-Lieutenant in Her Majesty’s Royal Canadian Navy. He received his commission at Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Leitrim in Ottawa in a ceremony on July 13.

(The text below is an edited excerpt from his Commissioning biography.)

Charles Mandeville joined the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves in August 1997 as a Signals Operator with 772 Reserve Electronic Warfare (EW) Squadron in Kingston. Although he should have known better after three years in the Reserves, he enrolled in the Regular Force in July 2000 as a Communicator Research Operator at Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC) Kingston. After completing his Developmental Period (DP) 1 training, he was first posted to Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Leitrim in May 2001, where he served in a variety of positions on shift as an analyst.

Following his DP2 training in February 2004, he returned to CFS Leitrim as a Processing and Reporting (PR) Analyst, and member of the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Support Element (SSE) at the National Defence Command Centre (NDCC). Due to his outstanding performance, he was selected for, and completed, Persian Farsi language training at the Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) Asticou before being posted in 2006 to Canadian Forces Information Operations Group (CFIOG) Detachment in Fort Gordon, Georgia. This location afforded him and his wife the opportunity to make regular sojourns to “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyworld, in Florida.

Returning to CFS Leitrim in 2010, Charles was employed as a Duty Shift Supervisor before being sent on a continuous French language course at CFLS Asticou whereupon he completed his language requirements. Since January 2013, he has been employed in Echo Troop in a variety of positions including the SIGINT Development (SIGDEV) Task Manager, Target Discovery Team Lead, Cyber Discovery Team Lead, and Echo Troop Warrant Officer. In March 2015, he was selected for the Commissioning from the Ranks (CFR) program as an Officer in the Intelligence Branch.

Throughout his career to date, Charles has deployed to the former Yugoslavia as a member of Operation PALLADIUM, and as the Cryptologic Deployed Support Element (CDSE) Team Lead on the HMCS Vancouver in support of Operation MOBILE and Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR.

Charles is an extremely motivated, intelligent, and dedicated member of the Canadian Armed Forces who has the potential to be an outstanding officer.