Page five of Canada`s new ePassport features the Métis infinity symbol.

The design of Canada’s new ePassport, which was officially launched on July 1, 2013, features the Métis infinity symbol. This is important recognition of Métis as one of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and is another indication of the growing status of the Métis in Canada.

The text accompanying the ePassport describes the Métis as follows: “The Métis, whose ancestry is traced back to Europeans and First Nations, are represented by the infinity symbol. Featured on page five, the infinity symbol represents the blending of two cultures, Aboriginal and European, into one society.”

First Nations and Inuit are also symbolized on this page, entitled The Symbols of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, by the images of an eagle feather and the inuksuk.

The general description of the page explains that, “Canada’s Aboriginal People – the original people of North America and their descendants – are at the very start of the Canadian story. These images are symbolic of their rich cultures and history and proudly open Canada’s new e-Passport.”

The new Canadian ePassport looks like a regular passport, but has new security features that make the passport even more tamper-proof. The ePassport contains an electronic chip that enhances the passport’s current security features.

For more details visit: www.passport.gc.ca