Submitted by: Jaylin Renaud, MNO Employment Developer, Region 3

Roger Bourgeois_Success Story
Roger Bourgeois working hard delivering goods to a local
corner store in Timmins, Ontario. Click here to view a larger

In 2015, after completing the two-year Powerline Technician program from Cambrian College, self-identified Métis youth Roger Bourgeois was very proud to finally graduate. He thought his future was set and started working as an apprentice in April 2015. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the trade, he was laid off in October of that year and once again began actively looking for work.

Not having a job made things financially difficult for Roger, so he approached the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) in Timmins for help. MNO staff immediately began assisting Roger in his job search. After that proved unsuccessful, MNO staff were able to secure funding to help Roger further his education. The funding allowed Roger to complete the AZ Driver course, buy all necessary equipment and complete testing. The AZ Driver course teaches experienced drivers how to drive a tractor trailer.

After six weeks of full-time training Roger now has a certificate of completion from Transport Training Centres of Canada and an AZ driver’s license. “As a powerline technician or a truck driver, it is important to have this [AZ] license [as it] makes me become more employable,” said Roger Bourgeois. “With support from my family, girlfriend and the MNO, I was able to overcome the barriers to finding meaningful employment and I succeeded in doing so.”

Roger is now employed with PepsiCo Beverages Canada as a delivery driver and works out of their Timmins office. His main responsibilities include delivering Pepsi beverages to businesses and companies within Timmins and surrounding areas in northern Ontario.

“I am enjoying working with Pepsi and my life has improved both financially and emotionally after securing employment,” said Roger. “Although my career path has shifted, taking the AZ driver training has provided me with a secure, rewarding, and meaningful job where I am happy and has provided me with more opportunities as a result.”

Published on: August 12, 2016