MNO Veteran Alcide DuvalMNO President Margaret Froh, Métis WWII Veteran
Alcide Duval and Georgian Bay Métis Council
President Greg Garratt.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is pleased to recognize Métis Veteran Alcide Joseph Alzear Duval, who was honoured in a special ceremony on Saturday in Midland, ON for his contributions and sacrifices during World War II.

In a long-awaited gesture, the federal government of Canada issued a formal apology to Métis Veterans in September 2019. This acknowledgement sought to honour and bring closure to Métis Veterans who often experienced neglect and indifference when readjusting to civilian life in Canada.

Alcide Duval, who served as a rifleman in the Canadian Royal Regiment during WWII, and is the 26th Métis Veteran in Canada to be formally recognized as part of a nation-wide effort of recognition and appreciation owed for years of service.

Guests from across the province traveled to (safely) witness the ceremony; including MNO President Margaret Froh and MNO Veterans Council (MNOVC) President Brian Black, who delivered the formal presentation on behalf of Métis Nation Veterans Affairs Minister, David Chartrand.

During Saturday’s ceremony the attending leadership expressed gratitude to Duval for his wartime efforts, delivered the formal statement of apology from Canada, and finally provided Duval a $20,000 Recognition Payment as reconciliatory compensation under the Métis Veterans Legacy Program.

“We owe these heroic individuals a debt that can never be repaid, expressed President Froh. “After so many of our people suffered in silence when returning from the war, today their voices are finally being heard. The voices and recognition of our honoured Metis Veterans play an essential role in our Metis communities, and we are forever grateful for their sacrifices. It’s important we hear don’t take days like today for granted, as we honour Veteran Duval and this very well-deserved recognition.”

Duval, a previous recipient of the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and Clasp, and the France-Germany Star, was gifted the Métis National Council’s ceremonial sash and a hand-crafted beaded broach during Saturday’s presentation.

The MNO would like to extend its gratitude to Duval for his service and congratulations for this long-awaited recognition.