Manitoulin military book coverCover art for Remember Me: Manitoulin Military, Vol. 1.

Submitted by MNO citizen Debra Huron

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens Debra Huron and Katie Skelton were proud to learn that Métis veterans within their families were included in a book published in 2015 by the Manitoulin Genealogy Club.

The book, titled Remember Me: Manitoulin Military, Vol. 1, shares the stories of the late Métis veterans Napoleon Jerome “Joe” Pilon and his older brother Walter “Shot” Pilon. Their stories were included among the 175 individuals profiled in the book.

Joe Pilon, Debra Huron’s father, was born on Meldrum Bay on Manitoulin Island. He enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy for his tour of duty. Joe served as a telegraph and radio operator during the Korean War.

Shot Pilon, Katie Skelton’s grandfather, was born in Killarney and was a Second World War veteran. He joined the Royal Canadian Navy with his brother Joe. During his tour of duty, Shot sailed to Russia and was aboard ship along the coast of Normandy during the invasion on D-Day.

It took two years for the Manitoulin Genealogy Club to put together all the material for the book. They used reports from local newspapers, letters of correspondence, pictures and military files to research the 300-page book. Remember Me: Manitoulin Military, Vol. 1 aims to honour military men and women from Killarney and Manitoulin Island and to record their family history for future generations.

The Manitoulin Genealogy Club is collecting stories for volume 2 and any MNO citizens wishing to include Métis veterans for the next book are encouraged to contact the club with their information. Copies of the book can also be ordered by e-mail or telephone.

To contact the Manitoulin Genealogy Club, e-mail them at or call them at 705-368-3416.

Published on: January 22, 2016