Join us virtually from July 25 to 27 for this 3-day camp filled with cultural workshops that will enable Métis youth to practice traditional skills and knowledge in their own communities. The Métis Youth Summer Rendezvous Camp lets youth interact with Métis knowledge-holders, PCMNO Senators, MNO staff and facilitators in events and activities that celebrate Métis culture and way-of-life.


Monday, July 4, 2022


• Self-identify as Métis

• Enrolled at a school within the province of Ontario

• In grades 7, 8, or 9 (age 12 – 14)

• Provide a letter of support from a teacher or guidance counsellor or Métis community council member and a letter of motivation.

Space is limited, so please register and complete the application as soon as possible. Participants can access the MNO Application Portal at

To receive the supplies for their session, all forms must be completed. Access to technology and reliable internet is required to participate in the camp.

For assistance, please contact:

MEGAN SOUTHWELL, Education Intern


P: (905) 733-8093