Métis101Canadian Forces Recruiting Officers participate in a relay
race during a Métis 101 presentation at Canadian Forces
Base Borden on June 18. Click here to view a larger
version of this picture.

Submitted by Greg Garratt, MNO Veterans’ Council Secretary/Treasurer

Canadian Forces Recruiting Officers from across Canada learned about Métis culture and traditions during a presentation by the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO).

The information was presented on June 18 by MNO Veterans’ Council Secretary/Treasurer Greg Garratt and MNO Education Officer Michael Smith. The goal was to provide knowledge about Indigenous culture so Recruiting Officers can better understand and speak with Indigenous youth when they walk into a recruitment office.

Officers learned about Métis, First Nation and Inuit cultures and later participated in some Métis games. The history of Métis veterans in Canada, medals earned and the historic role Métis played in the War of 1812 were also highlighted.

It was a great educational and fun learning day for all.

During the final stages of one game, Garratt decided to play a prank on the final two competitors by yelling the command “room.”

Anyone who has served in the Canadian Forces knows the command is given when an Officer enters a room. It signals the need for everyone to sit or stand at attention as appropriate.

After a brief moment, the competitors realized the prank played and finished the game, but it was a fun moment they will remember for a long time.

Posted: Sept. 20, 2018