Métis storytellers from across the province have heard the call to share their #MetisVacciNation stories with us. Thank you to those who have contributed to this initiative. The MNO hopes to continue to uplift the voices of our community members. To read the submitted stories, scroll below.
"I chose to get vaccinated for a few different reasons. The main reason being, to protect myself and those I love from catching or spreading this horrible virus. I am also a PSW working in Supportive Housing that provides daily care to many seniors who reside in a 12-floor apartment building geared to our elderly population. Through vaccination and following Covid protocols this past two years, I am PROUD to say to this day, NOT ONE of the seniors that my fellow co-workers and I provide care for became afflicted with the Covid virus! I made the right choice!"
Oshawa, ON
"I got vaccinated because it gets me closer to being in the company of you, my family, my friends, my grandchildren and every day people. I got vaccinated to make my community and workplace safe, and for all of us to be present to one other."
Terrace Bay, ON
"In November 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I endured 16 weeks of Chemotherapy which depleted my immune system. During my treatments at the cancer center I met men, women, and children all battling cancer, all trying to stay as safe as they could. When I was able to receive my vaccines, I felt so privileged to be able to protect myself and others from COVID. I am happy to say I am in remission and I am three times vaccinated against COVID!"
Kingston, ON
"One of the reasons I got my vaccine was to marry my best friend. We had planned to get married in 2020 but Covid occurred and a vaccine had not yet been introduced. As soon as it was released, both my husband and I got the first and second vaccine, allowing us to have our perfect wedding."
Dutton, ON
"As a University Student studying Engineering I believe in science. Although scientists don’t know everything about Covid 19 the best information we have is that vaccines protect us. I want to remain healthy so that my education is not interrupted. I owe it to myself, my family and friends to do everything I can to stay safe including social distancing, masking and becoming vaccinated."
Victoria Harbour, ON
"I got my vaccinations because I care about myself and the people around me. My elderly Mom lives with me and I wouldn’t want to be the reason she got sick. My son looks up to me and I want to be a good role model of what it is to be a part of society. When it came time for him to have his vaccination for Covid, he went with no problem and was happy to do it, even though he doesn’t like needles."
Thunder Bay, ON
"As a nursing student I got the vaccine as proof of my trust in medicine. I want to see the lives of myself and others improve and become healthier. As a teen I wanted to return to a normal life, to have in person school and sports and back to the way it was before and I trusted that the vaccine would help get us there."
Rainy River, ON
"I am an RPN working at a long-term care facility. I vaccinated to protect my residents, coworkers, family and most importantly my son. My son has a neurological disorder and my parents are both diabetics with other health issues. I am 2 x vaccinated and booster done as well. I will not hesitate to follow the science and protect those I care about."
Kenora, ON
"I received my COVID-19 vaccination to help keep my little boy healthy because he is not yet eligible for the vaccine. I want my family and friends safe, as well as myself. I received the vaccine to help fight against COVID and hopefully bring the pandemic to an end."
Kenora, ON