President Clément Chartier Calls for government-to-government multilateral level engagement

Ottawa, ON (October 7, 2013) Today the Assembly of First Nations hosted a reception at the Museum of Civilization to which President Chartier was invited to speak on the importance of the 250th anniversary of the Proclamation, which was issued on October 7, 1763, by King George III of Great Britain. The Proclamation is a foundational document marking the beginning of Canada’s historic link with British parliamentary institutions. It was also important in establishing the core elements of the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the Crown, recognizing Indigenous rights in Canada and articulating principles governing the relations between Aboriginal peoples and the colonizing authorities leading to the treaty-making process.

In his address to the audience, President Chartier called for engagement between Indigenous peoples and nations with the federal government based on a government-to-government or nation-to-nation basis.

“It is only in this way that true reconciliation and accommodation of the governments of the Indigenous peoples and nations can take place”, President Chartier concluded.

Also in attendance was United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Mr. James Anaya who will be meeting with Métis Nation representatives on Saturday, October 12th in Winnipeg.