Vale  MNO Document Signing
MNO and Vale representatives at the Relationship
Agreement signing ceremony on March 6, 2017 in
Toronto. (Left-right-front) Vale Coporate Affairs Erin
Satterhwaite, MNO President Margaret Froh, Vale
Vice President for Ontario Operations Stuart
Harshaw and Vale Coporate Aboriginal Affairs for
Ontario Angie Robson. (Left-right-back) Vale
Exploration Jason Letto, MNO Manager of Natural
Resources and Consultation James Wagar, PCMNO
Region 5 Councilor Dan Boulard, MNO Mineral
Sector Advisor Steven Sarrazin, MNO NBMC
President Marc Laurin, MNO SMC President
Richard Sarrazin, MNO MMC President Nelson
Montreuil and Regional Consultation Committee
Alternate with the SMC Denis Lefebvre. Click here
for larger picture.

On Monday, March 6, 2017, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) signed a Relationship Agreement with Vale Canada Limited pertaining to Vale’s current Sudbury operations.

Vale’s Sudbury operations include six mines, a mill, a smelter, a refinery and nearly 4,000 employees, which make it one of the largest integrated mining complexes in the world. Vale’s products include nickel, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver.

Vale has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and is internationally recognized for progressive environmental reclamation and emissions reduction initiatives. Vale’s Clean Atmospheric Emissions Reduction (AER) Project for example is the largest single environmental project in the history of Sudbury. This one billion dollar investment will reduce sulphur dioxide by 85% from current levels as well as reduce metals and particulate emissions by 35 to 40%.

Vale has been working with the MNO Mattawa/Lake Nipissing Traditional Territory Consultation Committee for the last five years and the Committee’s members were present for the signing of the historic agreement. In her remarks during the signing ceremony, MNO President Margaret Froh stated: “This agreement is important because it clearly demonstrates and underscores Vale’s commitment to working in collaboration with the MNO in protecting the Mattawa/Lake Nipissing traditional rights-bearing territory of the Métis people. I congratulate the MNO Mattawa/Lake Nipissing Traditional Territory Consultation Committee for their dedication and efforts in building this collaborative and constructive relationship with Vale. As volunteers, the Committee truly exemplifies the commitment of all our MNO elected leaders to the protection and promotion of our heritage, culture, way-of-life and collective rights.”

In the Relationship Agreement, Vale makes clear commitments to discuss employment and procurement opportunities for the regional rights-based Métis community as well as hold annual Métis culture related activities. Vale also agreed to further negotiations with the MNO should it bring on any new projects in the future.

President Froh concluded her remarks by saying: “The MNO views this agreement as an affirmation from Vale that by working together and by respecting each other, both parties can prosper and attain their highest potential. While there is still much work to do, I am very confident that this agreement will contribute in a real and meaningful way to building a brighter and more promising future for not just the Métis, but for all Canadians.”

Posted: March 13, 2017