MNO ASETS Funding(November 17, 2014) Today it was announced that the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) will receive a one year extension of funding through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) following the completion of its current five year ASETS agreement on March 31, 2015.

The five year agreement signed between the Federal Government and the MNO in November 2010 provided for 30.6 million dollars over the five years of the agreement. The ASETS program has helped the MNO to address Ontario’s labour market shortages and industry demands by providing a wide range of skills development programs and employer focused training opportunities. “ASETS has allowed the MNO to improve the well-being of countless Métis individuals and families who are now contributing to Canada’s economic growth and success,” stated MNO President Gary Lipinski.

The MNO had been receiving funding for programs through ASETS predecessor programs since 1996. “These are some of the most successful programs of their kind in Canada,” explained President Lipinski, “we have been able to provide millions of dollars of training and financial support to Métis. This kind of support makes it possible for our Metis from across all regions of Ontario to reach their potential and become all they can be.”

The one year renewal will allow the MNO to continue operating its programs while discussions continue to sign another long term agreement with the Federal Government on Education and Training. “We are relieved,” stated President Lipinski, “to be able to continue to provide quality services to Métis people in Ontario as we continue to work towards a renewed strategy.”