st clair signingMNO Vice-Chair Sharon McBride (centre) with MNO citizen
Terry Desjardins (right) and self-identified Métis youth and
first-year St. Clair College student Matthew Bombardier
Submitted by MNO Vice-Chair Sharon McBride

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Vice-Chair Sharon McBride attended the signing of the Indigenous Education Protocol at St. Clair College on Tuesday, September 22, in Windsor.

According to CBC, St. Clair College is the 13th Ontario college to sign the protocol.

The Indigenous Education Protocol is made up of seven principles that aim to guide post-secondary institutions towards ensuring that indigenous education is a priority and indigenous students’ cultural needs are acknowledged.

“Gaps still exist between Métis learners and the general population,” Vice-Chair McBride stated in an interview with Blackburn News. “We need to continue to work to ensure Métis learners can see their communities and culture reflected within post-secondary institutions.”

The signing took place during an Aboriginal ceremony at the college’s main campus in Windsor with students from the Chatham campus encouraged to view the ceremony via Skype.

Published on: October 1, 2015