jennifer torchJennifer St. GermainThe Pan AM flame is a symbol of unification. As it makes its way towards Toronto, the Pan AM Torch brings all Canadians together to carry it on its journey and the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has actively participated in its relay.

In Windsor the local MNO community council played a big part in a Torch ceremony while in Ottawa and Brampton, MNO citizens actually carried the flame. Read the story below about the citizens who carried the flame and click here to read about the Windsor event.

The Torch Relay arrived in Brampton on June 24, where MNO Veterans’ Council Senator Alis Kennedy wore her sash as she carried the torch along its route. Senator Kennedy was givenbryce torch2Bryce Johnson special permission to represent Métis veterans, wearing her military undress ribbons in addition to her sash.

Kennedy was nominated to carry the torch by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

On June 30, MNO citizens Jennifer St. Germain and Bryce Johnson took part in carrying the torch through Ottawa.

St. Germain carried the torch through a part of the city that holds a special meaning to the Aboriginal population.

“I was honoured to be asked to participate in the torch run in Ottawa and humbled to have the opportunity to raise the torchalis torch2Alis Kennedy past the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument,” St. Germain shared. “It was a joy to have my family there and to see many Métis sashes along the route.”

The Pan AM Torch is scheduled to arrive in Toronto for the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, July 10.