Submitted by Jim Tolles and Joseph Paquettejimjoefish
Jim Tolles and Joe Paquette.

On June 16, Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens Jim Tolles and Joseph Paquette decided to go fishing up around Parry Sound.

With very nice weather in their favour, the drive was long but definitely worth it.

After about four hours of fishing, they walked away having lost four fish and caught five.

Some of the fish were dropped off in MacTier for Jim’s parents, Jim Senior and Bertha. No time was wasted in the cleaning and storing. There were smiles all around and a great meal was anticipated.

After having a great supper at the Tolles’, they headed back home to the stresses of the big city.

It is always important to share with and take care of the elders. Remember, they took care of their children and their children should later take care of them.