Submitted by MNO Clear Waters Métis Council Women’s Representative Tobias Clarke

MNO CWMC Voyageur Canoe Run (1)
Participants in the MNO Clear Waters Métis CouncilVoyageur Canoe Run. Click here for larger picture.
On September 16, 2017, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Clear Waters Métis Council (CWMC) held a Voyageur Canoe Run down the Grand River Oxbow, which is near Brantford. It was a day to remember for a group of the MNO CWMC citizens who participated including MNO CWMC Youth Representatives Jarred and Morgan Clarke who were kept very busy organizing the launch on that day.

All participants met bright and early and ready to paddle at 8:00 am on the shore of the historic river. Their route was 17 kilometres and would lead them to the Six Nations Reserve. With life jackets on and paddles in hand, the group was split between two voyageur canoes.

After their long paddle, the voyageurs were very hungry, so, the MNO CWMC was very grateful when Mother’s Pizza Parlor in Brantford generously gifted them with free pizza.

It was a day that could not have happened without the efforts of the MNO CWMC’s determined organizers and everyone else that helped make it an amazing experience.

It was truly a great day!

Posted: October 17, 2017